Rapid Race Day Registration

RAT Race Timing is able to offer a unique race day registration system that is FREE of additional entry fees, secure, paperless and quick.

Having to fill out a paper registration form on race day in order that prompt accurate results are generated and the statutory liability waiver is acknowledged, can be a time consuming process that has few checks built in to prevent errors. Incorrectly spelt names, missing age or gender details, can delay the timely publication of results and in order to prevent a delayed start, the data entry process needs enough volunteers with good typing skills to handle demand. While many participants may have elected to register in advance on-line, smaller events will often rely on race day entries for a significant proportion of their entrants and revenue. Alternative registration systems that utilize touch screen terminals are still only as fast as the registering participant can type, while the hardware can also be a significant overhead for the race organizer or timer who provides them. As an alternative these problems, RAT Race Timing has developed a windows PC based application together with a secure web service that enables entrants to generate machine readable QR codes that can be displayed either in hard copy or on their smart phone. By presenting their QR code at the registration desk, their entry information and liability waiver can be verified in seconds in a format instantly available for export to any timing system and race management database.

The service is available to all entrants via a smart phone at www.racedayreg.mobi. Those who don’t have one may still generate their QR code on a laptop or PC and print a hard copy. We have even experimented engraving a code to a stainless steel key fob! Codes may be saved to smart phones using PassBook (iPhone) or PassWallet (Android).

How to use Passbook passes on Android with PassWallet.

Runners: Once a code has been saved (or printed) it may be used time and time again. The content is protected by encryption and cannot be read without our registration software. Save multiple entry codes on a single device so you can register friends and family members.

Race Directors: Entry data can be parsed for import into timing or race management systems.

For a brochure (PDF format) click here. To create your QR Reg Code click here, or watch the brief demo below.

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